ZoloWear Baby

"bringing mothers and babies together, beautifully, since 2001"

 The organic line cradles baby in earth-friendly 100% organic cotton and the breathable mesh slings are cool and quick to dry - an excellent beach sling. Savor every sweet second in ZoloWear's exquisite silk slings.


Nomadica Brand Review

ZoloWear offers several lines of gorgeous, comfortable baby slings made from natural fabrics like silk, cotton, organic cotton, and linen. 


We encourage US citizens to support this local company, whose carbon and environmental footprint is smaller because their carriers travel a shorter distance to get to you, and whose organic line is made from 100% organic cotton. 

Social Responsibility

ZoloWear slings are proudly made in the US, by willing adults who are paid fair wages according to the US' stringent labor laws. 

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