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ZEAL Optics builds the highest quality eyewear for people who live for outdoor adventure. They focus on more than just being an eyewear company. They are guided by a simple set of beliefs: Use Less, Give Back, Explore More.


ZEAL Optics use plant-based materials to form both the frame and lenses of their sunglass line. Not only are their glasses biodegradable, the materials used replace traditional petroleum-based plastics. The sunglasses are manufactured in Italy where labor practices conform to Italian and EU labor laws. 


ZEAL uses M49 biodegradable acetate and Z-Resin in their frames and lenses to help you see the world around you more clearly while protecting the views that inspire us for generations to come.

M49 is a natural material produced from cotton and wood pulp fibers and manufactured solely with renewable resources. It keeps all the performance characteristics of traditional acetates and is free of toxic substances used in most plastics. Our M49 frame collection will begin to biodegrade if left under water or in soil after 18 months.

Z-Resin is a plant-based material derived from the castor bean. This material replaces traditional petroleum-based plastics in our manufacturing process and significantly reduces the amount of CO2 produced. This durable material contributes to a lighter finished weight than competitive frames, making their sunglasses more comfortable for everyday wear and activity.


We have reached out to ZEAL Optics for additional information on their labor practices and manufacturing locations.

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