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In addition to offering well known brands with a bias toward environmental and social responsibility, we make and sell our own Nomadica brand travel products. Everything we make must be useful, ethical, and beautiful.

Our First Product - COMING SOON!

Working with an Aymara community in Bolivia, we have created our first Nomadica product, a 100% Alpaca Wool Scarf. Whether you use it to keep warm, to brighten up an outfit, to lay on at an outdoor concert, or to gather up your belongings, travelers love them.

Why Bolivia? We chose to work with Ayni Bolivia because they are completely transparent about their supply chain and pay their artisans living wages. Ayni Bolivia is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization,  made up of 25 groups of artisans in La Paz, El Alto, Cochabamba and Oruro. The majority of weavers are indigenous migrants from rural to urban areas, or indigenous people still living in their communities.

Why Alpaca? Alpaca is softer, stronger and lighter than cashmere or sheep wool and is stain, odor, and wrinkle resistant. The shearing process does not hurt or injure the animal and the manufacturing process does not involve the use of toxic chemicals. This makes alpaca the perfect eco-friendly fiber for a lightweight travel scarf. 

The Journey Ahead

We are big fans of merino wool for travel. It's lightweight, durable, adjusts to different climates and can be worn for days without retaining an odor. When done right, it is also one of the most sustainable materials available.

We are excited to begin working on a new line of Nomadica shirts and dresses made from ZQ certified merino wool, which will take shape over the course of 2016.

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