Nomad Families - MeninaMundo


Meet MeninaMundo

Miriam, Nelson and their daughter Mia are a Portuguese family that left on an adventure in the fall of 2015 to explore the world. Miriam left her job as a criminology/ victimology teacher and Nelson decided to pause his job as a family/ wedding photographer. Having their daughter Mia drove their passion to travel as they could spend more time together.

They started their journey in China, then moved on to Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and India. The second part is to be decided yet but is going to take them either to South America, Central America, Africa or Eastern Europe. 

The couple has done an amazing job documenting their journey through words and photography and we're thrilled to have some of their photos featured on our collection pages.

Follow their journey via their blog MeninaMundo.


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