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G-Star constantly experiments with the endless possibilities of materials, styles and cuts to create products that are unique but recognizable for their consistent G-Star signature look. As G-Star does not own or operate any factories, they work together with skilful suppliers that share their passion to make a strong product. 

Their philosophy and priority is to build a trustworthy and long-term relationship with these suppliers in order to ensure continuity of the quality, look and delivery of their collections. 

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G-Star is one of the more sustainable jeans brands. While denim manufacturers often use harsh chemicals that expose their workers to health hazards and affect the local ecosystem, G-Star does not. In addition to their focus on reducing environmental impacts, their code of conduct and auditing process are well documented and they post regular performance against these standards on their website


G-Star uses mostly organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel® in their products. Hydrite Denim fabric is made using innovative dyeing and finishing processes that generate a big reduction in water (up to 95%), energy and chemical usage in comparison to conventional processes. In addition, these denims are dried in the air with a rotating system that is able to dry 40.000 jeans in 25 minutes, instead of using conventional dryers. 


G-Star has a code of conduct based on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO Core Conventions, the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code, the SMETA Environmental Criteria and ISO 14000. They report on independent audits regularly via their website and have taken progressive action to protect their workers.  i.e. G-Star stopped manufacturing and selling a popular line of sandblasted jeans in 2011. Sandblasting is a technique used to give jeans a worn effect, but can cause serious illnesses to the workers that practice this technique due to the exposure to silica dust



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