Fuchsia is not just another fashion brand, but a movement that connects the cottage industry artisans from Pakistan to the western fashion world. Quality and comfort are the most important tenants to Fuchsia, and are never compromised. Each pair of Fuchsia shoe is hand-made for you by dedicated artisans who put into their work creativity, love, and passion.



Nomadica Brand Review

Afghan Abbas, co-founder of Fuchsia, tells the story of discovering women wearing beautiful and colorful handmade flats during a visit to her hometown of Karachi, Pakistan. She later learned of the artisans hardships in earning a living and keeping their art alive. Afghan and her team returned to Pakistan to produce a line of flats and sandals that would be exported to the US and provide the artisans with work to keep their art alive. 


Fuchsia shoes are all hand-made with locally sourced materials. That said, leather is used in the upper and sole of their footwear which is not sustainable. 

Social Responsibility

Fuchsia employs artisans in Pakistan to produce their shoes. They have not specified whether they follow Fair Trade standards, but have indicated that they provide medical benefits to their employees. 


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