Florious is not your typical brand. The family behind Florious has, like many of us, chosen a life of adventure on the road. Founder Gerry Kirk and his family of 3 children have embarked on a world tour to learn through the lens of the people and places they meet. Gerry started Florious after discovering a lack of high quality products made with environmentally friendly materials, especially for families. 



Nomadica Brand Review

We love offering sustainable travel gear, but are absolutely thrilled to offer it from a brand that supports a fellow nomad family. We partner with Gerry and his family to offer you his line of packing cubes and travel wallets, perfect for nomad families who want to pack smart and secure. Florious products use a recycled PET material, which is made from recycled pop bottles. 


Florious packing cubes and travel wallets use a recycled PET material, which is made from recycled pop bottles. This dramatically reduced the energy required to make their products and reduces landfill waste. 

Social Responsibility 

Florious products are made in China where the factory follows a standard code of conduct. We are discussing possible alternatives with the Florious team.

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