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If you need help planning your nomad transition, your long term travel, or just your next vacation, we can help. Our experience as expats and frequent travelers since 2011 has inspired us to help other travelers and traveling families in any way we can, including the nuts and bolts of how long term travel can be feasible for you.

These are some of the travel-related tasks we can help you navigate:

Navigating the Visa Application Process, Visa Runs and Extensions 

Selecting Destinations, and Once You're There, Affordable but Comfortable Accommodations

The Ins and Outs of Traveling with Small Children 

Earning an Income from the Road to Support your Travels

   Finding Motivation and Maintaining Productivity 

Choosing the Right Pack List for Your Family's Journey


Determining a Travel Budget & Financial Planning

If you want to plan your long term travel but aren't sure where to start, let's talk. Use the button below to book an hour of conversation via Skype or your preferred communication method.

We offer this as a "Pay What You Want" service. Don't pay us anything unless we've helped you! We'll talk for an hour about what you want to talk about--the most important parts of planning travel for you. At the end of that hour, choose a fee ($50, $80, $100), or pay nothing if we haven't helped you.

Afterward, we'll email you links to any resources we discussed during the call, and if you'd like more in-depth advice we'd be happy to keep working with you. 

Now there's no excuse, start thinking about your next big trip!

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