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With more than 230 years of experience in the fine art of shoemaking and knowledge gathered from one generation to the next, Birkenstocks exhibit the finest workmanship and are of the utmost quality.

BIRKENSTOCK represents top-notch products manufactured with close attention to detail and a high level of hand-crafting. Eco-friendly production and the use of select, high-grade, long-lasting materials all help to protect our environment. Birkenstocks products are, and will remain, “Made in Germany.”


Nomadica Brand Review

While it's very difficult to manufacture a sustainable shoe, Birkenstock excels among its competitors. Birkenstock’s classic footbed contain natural latex and cork - both renewable, non-toxic resources - and have offered a vegan line in recent years. Made in Germany, you can trust their shoes are quality made under one of the most worker-friendly labor codes in the world.  


BIRKENSTOCK was one of the first shoe manufacturers worldwide whose production almost exclusively used water-soluble and solvent-free adhesives. 95% of their adhesives are environment-friendly. 90% of their packaging is made of recycled materials. 

While many of their classics contain leather elements, they have introduced a vegan line in recent years. 

Social Responsibility

BIRKENSTOCK is committed to manufacturing 100% of their products in Germany. Germany is ranked among the top countries for labor rights in the ITUC Global Rights Index. 


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