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During the summer of 2003 in Seattle, WA, product engineer and bike commuter Eli Reich had his messenger bag stolen. Being an industrious sort (as well as an avid cyclist), he decided to make himself a replacement out of materials he had in abundance: used bicycle inner tubes.

Eli Reich Founder of Alchemy Goods

With a sewing machine gifted to him by his mom, he crafted the perfect messenger bag: cool, urban, water-resistant, and totally indestructible. He wore it with pride, and told friends who admired it what it was made out of: used bike tubes and a reclaimed seatbelt as a strap.




Nomadica Brand Review

Alchemy Goods is really something special. Founded on making one of a kind upcycled messenger bags made from used inner tubes and reclaimed seat belts, Alchemy Goods has since expanded their line to belts, wallets, backpacks and more. Used inner tubes and seat belts are shipped to Alchemy Good (instead of landfills) in Seattle, WA where a small team makes each piece of gear by hand.


Alchemy Goods creates products through a process called "upcycling" -- that is, using waste materials as the basis for a new consumer product. Since their inception in 2004, Alchemy Goods has garnered national attention for keeping over 425,000 tubes out of landfill. 

The logo on each product page has a unique number in the upper right corner. This tiny number has big significance. It represents the percent (by weight) of upcycled material that goes into each product.

Social Responsibility 

All Alchemy Goods products are handmade with love in Seattle, WA USA. 


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