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Packing Tips for Traveling as a Digital Nomad

There are a lot of pack lists out there, and some of them are downright irresponsible when they include an endless list of items that will be sure to give you back problems until you inevitably choose to leave them behind.

We’ve hand-selected these tips and articles for their sensibility and helpfulness in helping you achieve that perfect balance: everything you really need, and not an ounce more. We have never heard someone say “I wish I packed more stuff” and we doubt you will either.


Some Old Pro Tips

1. Leave the toiletries at home! You can find almost everything you need where you land, including Q-tips, soap, shampoo and conditioner, sunscreen, you name it. The extra weight adds up. If in doubt, bring one or two of those things you might need on the flight before you get to a convenience store, such as: a couple of Q-tips, one band-aid, a couple of aspirin and tampons.

2. Don’t buy a brand new wardrobe. Not only is it unnecessary, you risk buying things you don’t actually enjoy wearing once the new purchase glow has worn off. Bring or buy more of the things you feel comfortable wearing right now. If you’re active, bring more activewear, but if you’re not already active, don’t plan your wardrobe as if you’re going to be a different person on the road. If you like wearing jeans and you’re not going to Southeast Asia, bring jeans. If you like shorts and dresses, bring shorts and dresses, prioritizing the ones that weigh less.

3. Mix and match, up to five or six outfits. Chances are you’ll be able to do laundry by the sixth or seventh day in-country, and if you get tired of wearing the same thing, you can always buy in-country and donate your extras to balance the weight. Ladies: think long and hard about every pair shoes. One nice pair of flip flops will do nicely in most hot countries, likewise one pair of flats in colder ones, and one pair of running shoes if you’re active.




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