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Finding Community as a Digital Nomad

One of the biggest adjustments of long term travel is the transition from your community back home to the new communities you seek out as a traveler. In our passport countries, we often take our community for granted our co-workers, our families, our neighbors, our friends from high school and college, etc.

As nomadic travelers, keeping up these home ties and creating new ones becomes more deliberate than it used to be. You have to make a point to schedule Skype dates, to keep up email correspondences with something like regularity, and most bewildering of all, you have to find out what new relationships look like when you’re constantly on the move.

The good news is that there are MANY MANY other people who live the traveling lifestyle, and with whom you have much in common. Other than joining Facebook groups like Digital Nomad Families, Location Independent Families, and Digital Nomads in “[your city]”, here are a few more ways to look for the other members of your new tribe.

  • Denizen Magazine caters specifically to Third Culture Kids, or people who have grown up in a mobile lifestyle. The magazine only publishes pieces written by TCKs, and is a natural way to connect with other TCKS.
  • HashtagNomads charges a reasonable yearly fee for access to the world’s biggest community of digital nomads. The advice and meet-up opportunities you’ll find here are priceless.
  • The Black Expat is a rich collection of thoughtful pieces for expats of any stripe, but those who identify specifically with the global black diaspora will certainly find a lot to relate to here.
  • The Stories section of Nomadlist is a wealth of articles about struggles and experiences all nomads will relate to.
  • The Luxpats is the blog our founders David and Sarah started to chronicle all the practical, emotional, parental experiences they have in day to day nomadic life.


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