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Help Us Perfect the Journey

Founded in 2015 by a digital nomad family from the United States, Nomadica offers a curated shopping experience tailored for digital nomads and location independent families. The products we feature are hand selected and field tested by digital nomads to ensure our customers are prepared for the road ahead.

Our founders, David Keys and Sarah Beaudette met in 2009, and have been expats since 2012. In 2015, they became a full-time nomadic family. They’ve learned a lot about what is needed on the road, and which designs and materials offer durability, lighter packs, and optimal functionality.

To achieve our vision we’re going to need some help along the way. We’re looking for bright, ambitious and maybe even a little bit peculiar superstars to help us drive selection, launch innovative, eco-friendly products and develop exciting opportunities for nomad families to get involved.

Sound interesting? Why not join us?

How We Hire

We want to learn about the whole person, including their values and aspirations, in order to discover what they can bring to our company. We look for employees who are committed to making an impact on the world and have a natural curiosity that enables them to broaden their skills across multiple business functions.

Candidates who we contact for an interview can expect a collaborative approach to the hiring process. As the Nomadica team works remotely, interviews will be conducted via video conference. These interviews, which may take place over a period of time, provide both the company and the candidate with an opportunity to ensure a true match of skills and culture.

Current Openings

  • We are not accepting any job applications at this time. Please check back for future openings.
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