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Booking Trips

Best Practice for Booking a Trip Around the World

Before you book flights, you should decide how you want to travel. Are you willing to travel overland to save money on flights, is your route set in stone or are you willing to be flexible and book as you go? Here are some of the most helpful articles we’ve found to help you make these decisions, and then to book the flights.

Whether or not to book an RTW (Round the World) ticket:

Considerations for Flying with Children

If you’re flying with your kids, you may want to keep these considerations in mind as you book your tickets.

1. Especially when your children are young, it’s worth it to book long flights that are leaving close to when your kids will be getting sleepy. Instead of 12 hours of entertaining them, you’ll only need to get through 4 at max, and your kids will be rested for that last leg of ground transportation.

2. If your baby weighs less than 20 pounds, (check specific airline policy), you may qualify for the coveted bassinet.Book your tickets early enough to get a bulkhead seat (the airline will have a seat map), where the bassinet can easily be inserted into the wall.

Even if you’re not early enough to get the bulkhead seat, you may still be able to request a bassinet at check-in. As long as the seatbelt sign is off, your baby can sleep comfortably at your feet, leaving your arms wonderfully free.

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