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Top 10 Digital Nomad Blogs for 2018

Top Digital Nomad Blogs 2018

Years ago when Sarah and I began researching what it meant to be location independent, it was hard not to construct some fantasy lifestyle in our minds. One of unlimited freedom, 4-hour work weeks, and travel that brought us to exotic locations every other week. Check out #digitalnomad on Instagram and I bet you’ll be making your own list of “must-see beaches” or start planning that 2-day motorcycle journey through harsh terrain to see a waterfall that scrolled through your feed in traffic.

Ground control to Major Tom – being a digital nomad and living the location independent lifestyle isn’t as much about travel and sightseeing as it is the mental agility and discipline that allows you to make a steady living while adapting to an environment in constant flux. In other words, you can’t buy a ticket to Thailand with “your love for travel.”

To give you the resources that make your research both entertaining and informative, we selected our top 10 digital nomad blogs for 2018 with this realist approach in mind. We believe the best blogs provide readers with new information, insights into their authors’ journey to becoming location independent, and share the challenges of the lifestyle.  

Our Top 10 Digital Nomad Blogs for 2018


Packsmith by Tortuga

Since 2010, Fred and his team have been dedicated to designing and making the perfect travel bag. Their flagship bag, the Outbreaker, received the award for “Best Carry-on Travel Bag” by Wirecutter. The team’s travel obsession doesn’t stop at bags. Packsmith is Tortuga’s blog that covers all things travel, from destination guides to avoiding product marketing scams. They offer sound advice and quality writing that isn’t chalk full of keywords for the sake of SEO.

Digital Nomad Wannabe

As the name implies, this is a great blog for exploring the various ways of becoming a Digital Nomad and funding long-term travel. In 2014, Sharon set out to become a digital nomad and documented her story and process. She’s managed to generate an income stream from affiliate marketing while traveling to over 90 countries!

Nomad Capitalist

If you’re looking to structure your location independent business for optimal tax benefits or to establish citizenship abroad, Andrew at the Nomad Capitalist is your guy. He focuses on providing information that helps his readers achieve financial and personal freedom.

Legal Nomads

9 years ago, Jodi quit her job as a corporate attorney to visit Siberia. While on sabbatical, she began sharing photos and stories from her year of travel. Her personal and witty dialogue makes her posts both highly entertaining and informative. Jodi often writes about gluten-free diets while traveling, but also covers lessons she’s learned over her years of travel.

Nomadic Matt

Matt is probably the most popular and successful travel blogger out there. He has some great tips and advice on how to travel anywhere on a shoestring budget. Matt can teach you how to travel like a pro.

Tropical MBA

Known for their podcast that profiles other location independent business owners, Dan and Ian serve up amazing tips and advice on building a location independent business and taking it to the next level. If you don’t own a business, head over to their episode archive to find getting started episodes like The Value of Apprenticeships , Why You’re Going To Have To Become an Entrepreneur Eventually (So You Might as Well Do It Now), and How to Make Your First $1,000 Online.

Become Nomad

Eli has been a digital nomad since 2010 and provides insights and resources for nomads currently on the road, while offering inspiration to those who are considering a location independent lifestyle. Eli also writes about other life aspects and ponderings, giving the blog a bit more humanity than your traditional “travel tip” blog reel.


Simon and Erin are a digital nomad couple who write about carry-on only travel, packing and slow travel. If you need a bit of inspiration or an extra nudge to take the leap, they provide practical tips and inspiring travel stories. Also be sure to check out their Trail Wallet app, designed to help travelers keep track of their expenses on the road.

Too many Adapters

If you’re a gear junkie like us, you’ll appreciate Dave’s blog. He covers everything from travel SIM cards to portable water filters. He’s also written a book, Hammocks and Hard Drives, that is packed with real-world knowledge and advice that help digital nomads avoid tech problems, save money, and focus on doing what really matters: getting the work done.

Nomadic Notes

James has been a digital nomad since 2003 features travel guides, product reviews, and  digital nomad resources. If Southeast Asia is your first (or next) destination, James covers many of the locations beyond the traditional travel guide.


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