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Our New Site!


Hey Traveler!

Sarah and I would like to personally welcome you to Nomadica’s new site!

Nomadica was launched in the summer of 2015 from our apartment in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. We spent months building the site and sourcing products from manufacturers located all around the world, featuring mostly gear that was fair trade and sustainably produced. We even partnered with a fair trade manufacturer to design and produce our own gear.

As the business grew and customers from all walks of life shopped with us, we discovered that our selection left a lot to be desired. Customers wanted a one-stop shop for travel gear, and products that were tried and tested by other digital nomads or location independent families. This was also our vision from day one, so we began researching drop ship programs and alternative platforms that could help us deliver this experience to our customers.

Over the past couple of months, we migrated the site to a new platform and integrated our catalog with Amazon in order to expand our selection while keeping prices low. Every product you see in our catalog was hand selected and recommended by us or another digital nomad. As new travel products are created or discovered, we will add them to our catalog to ensure you have the most up-to-date selection available.

We appreciate your interest in Nomadica and hope you find our site easy to use, our selection wide but relevant, and our support world class. If you have comments, questions or suggestion for new products, please let us know by emailing us at info(at)

Travel Well,

David Keys & Sarah Beaudette

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